Stee Photography

Black Stones

"Spiaggia dei Sassi Neri" (Black stones beach), one of the beaches of the Monte Conero Coast, south of Ancona (Marche - Italy)

Château de Chillon

Château de Chillon (Vaud - Sitzerland)

Light through the grass

Matterhorn from Rifflesee (Switzerland)

Matterhorn and Dente Blanche

Matterhorn and Dente Blanche reflected in the Rifflesee (Switzerland)

Alpen Milky

Mountains and stars by San Bernardino (Switzerland) in a very cold Winter night

North Wind

Lago d'Isola (Island Lake) tour is a common destination for summer hikers and winter cross-country skiers. From the border of the lake you can get a wonderful view of the mountains close to San Bernardino Pass. The image was shot in the evening of a cold and windy day at the beginning of December 2012.

Blue ice

"Isola" lake at San Bernardino Pass - Switzerland

Shining Mountain

Rheinwald, Switzerland (EARTHSHOT.ORG photo of the day 27.02.2011)

Pure loneliness

Pizzo Uccello from San Bernardino pass (2067m) with tons of snow fallen this winter (2014)

The mid submerged Hospice

San Bernardino Pass partially submerged by snow

Light Bend

Nufenenass - Switzerland

Piumogna Watefall

The cascade of Piumogna at Faido, located in a beautiful forest just outside the village of Faido. The Piumogna few meters after the waterfall flows into the river Ticino.

Magic River

by Livigno (Italy)

Sunflowers field

A field of sunflowers in the middle of the countryside of the Marche region (Italy)

Lucania's fields

Basilicata - Italy

Sunrise on wheat

by Craco (Basilicata - Italy)


Rotondella village in the south of Basilicata near Calabria (Italy)

Old houses

Sassi of Matera (Italy)

Milky Way over Craco

Stars over Craco (Basilicata - Italy)


Tirreno sea at Maratea (Basilicata - Italy)

Gondole of Venezia

Gondole by "Riva degli Schiavoni" in Venice (Venezia-Italy). View from Piazza San Marco (San Mark's Square). Church and island of San Giorgio Maggiore.


Doge's palace in Venice

Piazza San Marco (Venezia)

Tower of San Marco in Venezia in a rainy march day

Lignano Pineta


Lignano Sabbiadoro

The Lighthouse

Swans by Kastelbrücke

Swans on motion-blurred water by Kastelbrücke (Luzern - Switzerland)

La Froda

The shot shows the Waterfall of Foroglio (val Bavona, Switzerland) in a rainy day last Fall

Log's rest

Sufersee, GR - Switzerand (EARTHSHOT.ORG photo of the day 31.10.2009)

Moonlight athmosphere

By Sustenpass (Chli Sustli - UR - Switzerland)


Ceresio Lake

Ceresio Lake and Lugano from Monte Bar (Switzerland)

Misty Magic Forest

Fir trees in the fog

Creatures of the Forest

Edge trees

Snowy scenery of a group of birches on the hill's edge (Swiss Alps)

Madonna del Sasso

The Madonna del Sasso is a sanctuary in Orselina above the city of Locarno in Switzerland. It is the principal sight and goal of pilgrimage in the city. The founding of the sanctuary goes back to a vision of the Virgin Mary that the Franciscan brother Bartolomeo d'Ivrea experienced in the night of 14/15 August 1480. The interior is highly decorated, and a platform gives a magnificent view of the city.

La Piazza

Collegiata Square in Bellinzona (Switzerland)

Sunset at Cadagno

Sunset at Cadagno (Ticino)

Arriving train

Motion blurred train


Verzasca valley from the Dam

Sunny dance


A modern supermarket building caught from a point of view from the corner bottom

Snake of lights

The road to the Nufenenpass climbs like a snake up to 2478m. Shortly before the beginning of the night a few cars leaves a trail of light.

The Magic Bedretto Valley

Just after "All'Acqua" resort, the way for the Nufenenpass climbs through beautiful pine forests.


Rhein waterfall by Schaffhausen city in Switzerland in a autumn afternoon

Morning fog

San Vittore (GR)


Lago d'Isola - San Bernardino

Unicredit Tower

Milano Porta Nuova

Ice surface

Lago d'Isola - San Bernardino

Piazza Gae Aulenti

Milano Porta Nuova

Unicredit Tower

Milano Porta Nuova

Pizzo Uccello

From Lago d'Isola near San Bernardino

Storm over the peaks

Shark Fin Rock

Portonovo (AN)

La Vela

Portonovo (AN)

Sunflowers looking at stars

San Marino

Pizzo Uccello

Dal Passo del San Bernardino

San Bernardino 180 Milky

Lake and stars

Lone archer

Rienzenstock and Schijenstock

Rienzenstock and Schijenstock View from Pizzo d'Orsino near San Gottardo Pass (Switzerland)

Gruppo del Tencia

Da Orsino (San Gottardo)

Dal Finsteraarhorn al Dammastock

Veduta sulla valle Urseren fino al Furkapass

The bridge

Alp de Mucia (San Bernardino)

Städtchen Werdenberg - Buchs (SG)

Upside Down

Heidsee Lenzerheide (GR)

Heidsee Lenzerheide (GR)

Sufnersee (GR)

Pizzo di Cassimoi e Piz Jut

Morning warmth

Croce Portera 1917 m

Thin Ice

Croce Portera 1917 m

Pizzo del Sole, Campanitt e Pizzo dell'Uomo

From day to night


Out from the Clouds

Pizzo di Claro

Ancient forest



Lago d'Isola (San Bernardino - Switzerland)

First ice

Lago d'Isola (San Bernardino - Switzerland)

Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II sul Fiume Tevere

Ponte Sant'Angelo e Castel Sant'Angelo


Colonne Tempio di Venere

Fori imperiali - Roma

Laghetto Moesola

Monastero di Santa Maria Assunta



Lauerzer See

The lone tree

Empty road

The path

Out in the cold

Prime Tower

Glass wall

Glass crossing

Frozen field

Old trunks

Dents du Midi from Leysin

A view of Dents du Midi peak from Leysin (Switzerland) over Rhône Valley, just before sunset. Last warm lights are still on the far peaks.

Sas dla Crusc

Heiligkreuzkofel and Zehnerspitze taken from Piz la Ila in a stormy day

Langkofel Group

Langkofel group from Sass Pordoi summit in a very aerial view

Sella group sunrise

Tor Campidel of Sella group from Gardena pass (Grödnerjoch) at sunrise

Misurina Lake

A long exposure of Misurina Lake (Italy - Veneto) with Cime di Lavaredo in the background

Rifugio Auronzo and Vallon de Lavaredo

Rifugio Auronzo and Vallon de Lavaredo from the back Drei Zinne path

Drei Zinnen

Drei Zinnen (Cime di Lavaredo) from the path to Rifugio Locatelli

Corno di Gesero

Genero Peak seen through Monti di Mornera forest trees in moonlight

Pizzo Rotondo e Pizzo Pesciora

Pizzo Rotondo and Pizzo Pesciera in Berretto Valley (Ticino, Switzerland) seen from Pesciüm over Airolo.

Uri Castle - Bellinzona (CH)

Miniature effect on Uri Castle in Bellinzona (Switzerland)

Piazza Indipendenza - Bellinzona (CH)

City of Bellinzona (Switzerland) at twilight

Lost in the forest

A wild and humid forest, far from tracks, just a while before a cold rainy night.

Path to The Peak

Pizzo Uccello from the snowshoes path to San Bernardino Village (Alps - Switzerland)